Projects and Products

Projects and Products

Protean targets customers who need to lower energy and carbon costs. These include commercial and industrial companies seeking to brand themselves as proactive, innovative organisations meeting the challenges of decarbonising the economy.
Protean will differentiate itself in the market offering hybrid energy solutions in conjunction with innovative storage systems as part of its unique value proposition.

Drawing on the experience of its people in delivering major capital projects in the offshore industry Protean has developed a rigorous project delivery approach with established phases and clear stage gates for decision making. Execution itself is based on the established SCRUM methodology which facilitates a rapid delivery process.

The SCRUM methodology is part of an AGILE framework and is therefore in keeping with Protean's values.


We take a portfolio approach to generating customer value and solving customer problems. By working across a number of customers and/or grouping projects we can offer a lower cost solution. We provide the customer a coordinated supplier experience – one supplier managing a portfolio of solutions to the customer’s needs. For example, multiple renewable energy sources, optimised support tariff from the grid, energy efficiency and management solutions supported by technology to further reduce cost and provide carbon offsets to support a zero carbon brand.

Community participative

We actively engage with the commuity to encourage, educate and train them to participate in and support our renewable energy projects.

Smart thinking

Protean innovates not just technologically but also commercially. We provide innovative incentive structured billing arrangements where Protean is the energy retailer sourcing optimum blend of renewable energy, grid tariff and third party arrangements.

Customer focussed

Leverage core technologies and integrate them into customer focussed solutions that support the customers’ objectives. We build relationships for the long term and look to secure repeat business by being an effective partner.

Project deliverers

We are leaders in project delivery. We deliver against our committments on cost, time and quality while offering outstanding life of investment value propositions.