Core Values

Core Values
Core values underpin the vision and shape the culture at Protean Energy. We’ve established strong core values to create a foundation for the company's ambitious objectives and business growth targets. Core values drive decision making and create a pace which meets the demands of the changing energy landscape.

Value Focused

Core to our business success is a strong value focus. This includes an emphasis on delivery to commitments, a high performance ethic and professionalism to provide value to customers, shareholders and stakeholders. Value is considered in all aspects and not just the financial margin.


In a rapidly changing world where nothing stands still we are able to change, adapt, be flexible and nimble in our business practices and processes. Being transformative is encompassed in the name Protean and is recognised as being core to our success in the world today.

Safety, health and environment

We value the safekeeping of the environment for future generations above everything else. We endorse the targets for greenhouse gas emissions and know our efforts will improve the environment and the health of people. We keep our team and our stakeholders safe.


We are thoughtful in every way. We respect all parties we deal with and give everyone a fair go. We act with integrity by being open, honest and fair. We innovate and use creative thinking to provide the best value solutions for our customers. We THINK before we ACT.