About Us

About Us

Protean Energy is a boutique provider of clean, reliable and affordable energy. It leverages its innovative technologies to provide outstanding value for its customers. Protean is motivated to improve the environment by accelerating the transition to lower cost, reliable and sustainable distributed power. A lower carbon future where there are choices in how energy is sourced and used makes sense for everyone.  
At Protean we believe passionately that ecology and economy must be inseparably linked. The protection and improvement of the environment, in parallel with enhancing community outcomes, is therefore central to our business philosophy.

Protean Energy has two primary business streams namely ENERGY and ENERGY MANAGEMENT

    • Wave
    • Tidal stream
    • Solar
    • Wind

    • Storage solutions
    • Grid services
    • Generation management
    • Digital monitoring, metering, & trading
Protean intends to provide energy from sustainable sources which match the customer's business needs and location. The ability to innovate and develop smart technologies will differentiate the company enabling it to provide communities and industries with clean, reliable energy at competitive costs.
The focus today is to establish an early revenue stream for the business whilst maintaining efforts to identify and develop innovative differentiated technologies. The core technologies of wave energy and solar in conjunction with energy storage are the primary focus now. In the long term, we are building a sustainable clean energy business with operations spanning the full energy cycle, from generation to ongoing operations and management.

Who We Are

A unique growth company established to take advantage of the transition from fossil fuel dependence to a clean energy future using core technologies
We are an Innovator, Integrator, Owner and Operator
We aim to PROVIDE clean, affordable and reliable POWER to customers in communities and industry
We can offer flexible funding solutions and will PARTNER with our customers
We PROMOTE rapid growth in the transition from fossil fuel power to clean energy and recognise hybrid solutions are essential to achieve lasting results in providing clean, reliable and affordable energy
We operate from Western Australia and offer solutions across the whole of the Asia Pacific region

Our Core Business Objectives

a) To provide clean, reliable and affordable energy
b) To create a reliable revenue stream
c) Make a positive contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
d) Leverage off a suite of core technologies to build the business
e) Conceive, develop, fund and operate sustainable hybrid energy systems